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360 Rain - NEW autonomous irrigation system
Check out the new way to irrigate your crop by delivering bands of water directly to the base of the plant. 360 RAIN provides advantages over traditional irrigation methods - requires much lower volumes of water than traditional irrigation systems. Depending on field size, wells need to provide just 100 to 225 gallons per minute to the system. Plus, the 360 RAIN system also provides 100% field coverage - no special equipment needed to cover the corners that are typical to center pivot fields. 

Limited machines are available for the 2024 growing season! Call 888-606-0407 to reserve your machine today. 

Visit for more information.

Sales & Service for Atlas Copco, Sullar and Doosan portable air compressors, 185 models. All units include a 125' hose, reel and air wand.

Farmer's Business Netwok 
AgroValley Solutions would like to help you with crop protection products and seed for your farm using the FBN Direct Marketplace, your source for exclusive FBN member discounts from brands you know and trust. These discounts have already been negotiated and are exclusive for FBN members. Membership is FREE, products are easy to order, orders > $5,000 ship for FREE. Warehouse pickup is also available.

Call us today at 888-666-0407 to learn more about the FBN offerings, including analytics, crop insurance, financing, health insurance, farm analysis and much more..

Conklin Agronomy Seminars
Attend a Conklin ag seminar to learn how the Conklin AgroVantage System can increase yields and maximize profits on your farm. Receive product discounts of $.05/gal on bulk fertilizer and 3% on companion ag products for 5 yrs. 

 Attend this seminar to learn how to grow your profits and enhance you yields!
* Take the guesswork out of diagnosing your soil's nutrient requirements
* Utilize a complete soil-testing program from an independent national lab
* Decrease your nitrogen costs up to 20%
* Learn about the effiencies of row-placed fertilizer
* Understand the benefits of foliar feeding for your crops.
* Learn about Kip Kullers foliar fertilizer program, Liquid Sugar/Fulvic Acid and Intensify plant growth promotor

February 22-23 2024, Fargo, ND 

Seating is limited. Call 888-606-0407 to reserve a seat!

Click video to watch an overview of agronomy seminar.




Conklin's Exclusive AgroVantage System


This agricultural fertilizer system has been developed through years of field trials and nationwide research. This high quality crop management system is cost effective and easy to handle. The program is based on the use of premium farm fertilizer - starter and foliar fertilizers, nitrogen management, micro & secondary nutrients, seed emergence aids, forage and seed inoculates, state of the art surfactants, and exciting EPA-approved plant growth regulators.

Designed to deliver the kind of production advantages modern agriculture demands, the Conklin AgroVantage System can help you reduce application costs and increase yields. Products are wholesale prices and are shipped direct from the factory to your farm! Click here for more info.

Review the research to back up our claims. Click here for Research & Results!



Endurplas Liquid Storage Tanks

Do you need a tank to store liquid fertilizer? Consider using the Enduratank, manufactured with maximum value for money in mind and widely renowned as the highest quality poly tank on the market today. Shipped direct to your farm! Click here for details.


Force Manufacturing Quad Steer Liquid Fertilizer Carts 

Use a Force Manufacturing liquid fertilizer cart to apply your fertilizer. Click here for details.




       Liquid Side Dressing Machines, Liquid Planter Attachments & Spray Accessories


Need equipment for your liquid fertilizer application? Click here for more info.


Schaffert Manufacturing Planter Attachments

Need attachments for your planter to apply liquid farm fertilizer? Click here for more info.









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DTN Ag Headline News
USDA 2024 Commodity Outlook
USDA Livestock and Poultry Outlook
EPA Outlines OTT Dicamba Use for 2024
Risks and Complication of Prop 12
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DTN Crops News
Wednesday, February 14, 2024 5:04PM CST
Eight days after a federal court vacated the registration of three over-the-top dicamba products, EPA released an existing stocks order that provides direction for those products' use in 2024.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024 11:35AM CST
As the new ag age approaches, some questions remain. Autonomy isn't easy: not the technology, the hardware, nor getting it all in the field to work comfortably with farmers. Still, the tremendous potential of autonomy beckons from across the ag machinery landscape and big things are being promised.

Monday, February 12, 2024 8:05AM CST
Dogs have been trained to herd animals, sniff out drugs and retrieve ducks. A Texas researcher has trained his to kill weeds with a blow torch.

DTN Farm Business
Tuesday, February 6, 2024 10:51AM CST
A federal judge in Massachusetts rules that an animal welfare law exemption for federally licensed slaughterhouses in the state is unconstitutional.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024 11:41AM CST
The former CEO of a grain company in Mississippi is scheduled for a Feb. 22 hearing to consider a change in plea on wire fraud charges. The trial is set for Feb. 26.

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