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"Conklin's Magnify is an incredible yield enhancer, I tested this product on acount half of my soybean acres and saw a 10-to-15-BPA increase on every side-by-side comparison. From now on, I'll use it on every acre I plant!"

- Darin M., Iowa


"Guardian cuts my nitrogen rate by 20 pounds per acre. The savings not only pays for Guardian, but earns me $4/acre. Add the 7-BPA yield increase I typically get with this product and my profits come to $40/acre on corn. That's significant for any farmer."

- Ed B., Indiana


"This past summer I received a call from a very unhappy grower who was trying to figure out why the fertilizer tank on his planter was full of crystals. He ran out of one of the Feast Micronutrients and since he was nearly done planting for the season, he decided to call a local supplier to gen enough 'chelated' product to finish up. The product supplied by the local dealer was only 'partially' EDTA Chelated. That's a tough way to learn the value of using only high quality micronutrients."

- Tim Carlson, CCA Research Agronomist


"Foliar feeding alfalfa with Conklin's Agrovantage System has increased our yield 30 percent on non-irrigated soil in southeast Ohio. We produce an 8-ton average and a top yield of over 10 tons per acre. Foliar feeding with X-CYTO, Feast fertilizer, and micronutrients gives our crops better leaf-to-stem ratio, higher relative feed value, more digestible fiber, and increased protein content."

- Buddy M., Ohio


"Using Side-Kick, X-CYTO and Rain-Fast allowed us to place third in the nation in analysis for feed quality with our Bermud grass, which yielded 10.5 tons per acre. We've increased our relative feed vlue and even protein content with the user of AgroVantage products."

- Paul A., Arkansas


"Using COnklin's Side-Kick with Feast 9-18-9 produces a more balanced nutrient package that really boosts our yields. We had a 240-acre field average of 338 BPA while our 3,400 acres of corn averaged 296 BPA."

- Donny C., Multi-Winner NCGA National and State Champion, Texas


"No other product on the market compares to Feedstore silage inoculant. It helps the fermentation process, doesn't lose the green color, and has a perfect aroma. I am always satisfied with the end results."

- Tim H., Texas

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