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The Enduratank is manufactured with maximum value for money in mind and is widely renowned as the highest quality poly tank on the market today.

* Guaranteed one-piece tank construction ensures long term structural strength
* Manufactured from UV Stabilized polyethylene, Enduratanks are extremely durable and impact resistant
* Endurplas poly tanks will never rust or corrode providing you with years of reliable service
* Robust Ribbed tank design provides an extremely sturdy sidewall suitable for storage of heavy material
* Four positive tie down points molded through the roof ribs for safely securing tank
* Molded in calibration numbers for easily tracking liquid levels with gallon and liter markings
* The manufacturing process ensures maximum wall thickness at the base of the tank
* Available in four colors and are all made with virgin poly for compromising quality
* "Crosshairs" rib structure in tank roof design provides the best support and overall strength
* Strong hinged tank lid with vent ensures efficient liquid transfer and easy access point
* High quality Banjo tank fittings and siphon tubes are standard equipment


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