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What is Kickstart?
Kickstart is a proprietary blend of green and yellow-green algae that are naturally concentrated in a freshwater matrix. Kickstart is a mixture of proprietary algal extracts that is activated by water to provide soil structure benefits, improve nutrient uptake by crop plans, and act as an issigation system cleaning agent. Sustainable soils contain as many as 1,000,000 algae cells per gram of soil; by adding Kickstart to the soil the benefits of this important class of organisms is released and will improve the overall adequacy of a soil. KICKSTART is 100% organic and OMRI listed;  it can be used with any irrigation system or fertilization program to begin to achieve a higher crop yield.

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Kickstart Benefits
  • Help naturally eliminate neuisance and matted blue-green algae from reservours, irrigations systems, and from the soil surface
  • Increase soil aggregation
  • Facilitate water infiltration
  • Improve root development
  • Increase ease of soil tillage
  • Help mitigate soil sodium
  • Provide mucilage to plant roots
  • Increase the bioavailability of Nitrogen and Phosphorous to plants
  • Provide the soil with essential minerals, amino acides, and polysaccharides
Kickstart Advantages
  • Ease of use
  • Improvement in plant vigor
  • Improvement in soil structure
  • Clear irrigation systems
  • Optimize water usage

How does KICKSTART work?

  • Enzymatic activity: enzymes present in KICSTART are able to help dissolve soil sodium and reduce sodic stress in crop plants.
  • Exopolysaccarides: improve soil structure and aggregation through reduction, oxidation, and cation exchange.
  • Lipidification: provide lipids to the soil to increase the level of gelatinous substances present and protect plant roots.
  • Increase surface tension around soil particles: help increase the surface tension around soil particles while acting as a water softening agent and thus increasing water penetration of soils.
  • Increase nutrient cycling: by helping convert N, P, K and micronutrients into metabolically accessible forms, native bacteria present may increase nutrient cycling.
  • Decrease carrying capacity: by decreasing the number of blue-green algae that can survive in irrigation systems and soil.

Methods of application
1. Side-dress with fertilizer or soil additive
2. Foliar spray
3. Center or Lateral pivot
4. Flood-open ditch delivery
5. Flood pipeline-ditch delivery
6. Drip of Fan Jet system
7. Sub-surface drip
8. Greenhouse and Nursery irrigation systems
9. Broadcast spray on soil at planting
10. With seed or fertilizer at planting


Living green algae (Chrlorophyta) and yellow-green algae (Xanthophyta) cells suspended in fresh water.

Physical Characteristics
Solubility in water: 70%
Appearance and odor: Dark green, algai odor
Expiration date: 90 days from date of delivery


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