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Wood Pellet Grills


The WoodMaster Pellet Grill is the easy way to get authentic, old-fashioned smoky flavor, with fast-lighting, fast-heating convenience. It works like an oven, but tastes like wood-fired heaven - providing consistent, even heat from 250 F - 500 F with no hot spots to burn the precious protein.

* Cooks better, more safely than most gas or propane and costs $.75-$1.25 less per hour than average propane grills.
* Efficient igniter with automatic shutoff.
* Grill, barbecue, bake AND smoke with flavor-packed pellets available in apple, cherry, hickory and maple.
* Easy auto-start gets you cooking in little time.
* Simple temperature controls let you cook virtually anything to perfection.
* Heats to 500 F, keeps a constant temperature - even in cold weatther.
* Easy maintenance and simple assembly.

Customize your grill today with your company logo. (Minimum 4 per design). $1395/grill + S & H.


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